A women or girl who wears the Islamic head-covering respectfully, called Hijab. This is the Arabic word for headscarf but isn't limited to that. It also means "cover" or "protection" against evil things in the surrounding world. Most people don't understand that Hijab is a choice and isn't forced by our religion it's forced by those who are extreme and those who are misrepresenting and understanding our faith.
Fatima; "Look she's a Hijabi too."
Hamdi; "I wish I could have enough courage as you two."
by God'sent November 27, 2013
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A female who wears a Hijab (The Islamic headscarf)
Person1: Hey what is that thing she's wearing?
Person2: It's called Hijab.
Person1: What does that mean?
Person2: That she's a Hijabi.
Person2: And what does that mean?
Person2: That's she's a Muslim.
Person1: and what does that mean?
Person2: ... That she believes in one god, Allah
Person1: And what's an Allah?
Person2: (Sigh) just go away.
by H180 November 23, 2017
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1. (Adj) A word used to describe someone who seems like the kind of person who would wear a hijab

2.(N) A race of people who wear hijabs
1. Wow, scott mcsploderson seems really hijabi today.

2. Jeff and Lester traversed the desert, but were ambushed by the mysterious Hijabi peoples.
by Au Contraire August 9, 2011
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"that hijabi was leng"
by //S L E E K// November 17, 2020
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them beautiful arab girls that all the guys want ;) also hijabis dont necessarily need to be arab they could be of any race and their hijab or scarf could be of any style. They are differentiated from other girls by being called hijabi as they are hard to get but worth it. These girls are beautiful, loving and also really cute. The only way to know this is to marry one. Hijabis make the perfect wives.
i need to get myself a hijabi
by SOMEONEELSE March 12, 2013
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girl with scarf or a piece of cloth
wat a sexy hijabi from marlbrough.wow
by asif December 5, 2004
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The utilization of space between one's headscarf and ear in order to position a cell phone as an improvised (and most importantly FREE) bluetooth device.

by Capt.Crunch89 July 22, 2011
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