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A female who wears a Hijab (The Islamic headscarf)
Person1: Hey what is that thing she's wearing?
Person2: It's called Hijab.
Person1: What does that mean?
Person2: That she's a Hijabi.
Person2: And what does that mean?
Person2: That's she's a Muslim.
Person1: and what does that mean?
Person2: ... That she believes in one god, Allah
Person1: And what's an Allah?
Person2: (Sigh) just go away.
by H180 November 23, 2017

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Best person on earth who ever existed, Muslims believe that he's the Prophet to spread the truth , he was a poor guy and always gave the poor food he got , Aisha (his wife) said that he was the best person in the world as a husband, his people attacked him threw garbage at him and yet he forgave them when he opened Makkah, he and his friends never went on a war to open a city except if they began. Peace be upon him
Don't be such a jerk , remember our role model Prophet Mohammed never did such a thing
by H180 August 25, 2017

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