The most straightforward person you’ll ever meet sometimes it’s scary. Has the most sweetest heart. Very hard to convince. Loves anyone way too quickly and can be hurt easily but, she stands tall and strong. Always there to make you smile and brighten up your day. Does her best to get what she wants and never gives up. God plays a huge role in her life. Very emotional and sentimental. Loves passion. So goofy she can make anyone laugh with her simple jokes. So fragile she could cry over a street cat. Most lovable person and anyone would be lucky to have a Fatima like mine in their life.
by Vivionne November 10, 2018
Fatima is the best person you will want to meet she is the best thing living on planet earth! She will always be there for you whenever you need her! She will always cheer you up with anything,she is very funny,she will help you with boy problems 😂 If you ever meet a girl named Fatima you would never want to lose her she is nice,kind,caring,amazing,funny, and also really funny
Fatima is my best friend
by sushi for life November 29, 2019
Ok, let's set the record straight. "Fatima" does not mean "fat". Fatima is an intelligent, successful woman. A sweetheart, loved by everyone,"Fatima" is truly a wonder. Positivity defines her."Fatima" is a name given to some of the most beautiful and sexy girls that you'll ever meet! They know how to have a good time as they are very adventurous!

They are utterly shy and nice but if you hurt them they will turn cold. Fatimas are very good kissers and always smell good.
Always there for people and gives amazing advice! A "Fatima" may fall in love, but its hard to see it because she is a shy type of person and is terrible in showing.
However, it's easy to fall for a "Fatima".

Anyone that has "Fatima" is quite lucky.
"Omg you are dating fatima! You must be blessed!"
by Poppy girll11123 May 24, 2017
Shes beautiful, the kind of girl that every man wants to wife, but she rejects boys because she doesnt have time for little boys, she wants a man. Shes skinny, but lowkey curvy, has a beautiful smile, and a kind heart.
Look! Its the chick Fatima. Wonder what kind of man shes into.
by Hassanibiryani October 28, 2017
A very independent, funny, modest woman, she is naive but if you loose her trust you loose her forever. Fatima is a good cook and a keeper. Don't get on Fatima's nerves when she's serious, she'll make you regret it.
Girl1: I have cramps and i don't know what to do
Girl2: I'll make you some tea
Girl1: thanks Fatima
by KeepingitrealG July 7, 2017
Fatima is the name given to a beautiful and caring person and is very good at writing
by enderdragonthou January 17, 2016
Fatima is the nicest and sweet girl She is very talented at Drawing and at basketball she is shy and Beautiful Fall for her she Will be yours forever and you will never want to leave her
Fatima is Nice
by Kaory April 13, 2019