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85% of people out of high school. Found in bars, clubs, cafes, offices, restaurants, amusement parks, universities, and automobile dealerships.
by JabberSix April 17, 2009
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You have just met the following people:

The following things have happened:
Met someone you like
Asked someone out
Went out With Someone
Cheated on someone
Broke Up With someone
Been Punched/Slapped
Been Teased
Been Spat On
Broke Down

You Will Be introduced To the following things:

While All This is happening you also enjure annyoing/mean/boring techers while Working on your studies including bascis like science, maths, history, geography and a Different laguage.

Also while all this is happening you are expected to:
Never fight
Never swear
Never Get Angery
Never Backchat
Sit Up straight and pay attention
by Another day November 03, 2006
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An idea that hasn't evolved since the industrial revolution. A brainwashing factory dedicated to implanting patriotism and loyalty to your country. Focused heavily on math and science so America can beat the Soviet Union... Oh wait, exactly.

Outdated system that once brainwashed your parents causing them to rethink their lives around 40; See midlife crisis. Destroys any imagination or creativity the student has before entering. The teachers want you to think if you fail here you're a failure of a human being and will never amount to anything. Often separated into gifted or honors classes and normal classes further enforcing isolation and feelings of insignificance. Where Pink Floyd's The Wall came from. Even the teachers aren't satisfied.

Training grounds for a meaningless life getting up, going to work, coming home and watching TV. Makes you believe that killing is right if it stops death in your country; See War. Makes you terrified of failing, which is awful because that destroys originality when no one has the courage to step outside the box.

Schools often hate art and music and put them secondary to Math and Science because spiritual satisfaction doesn't include money for the higher ups.

Someone needs to change it soon or we will never move forward as a people by embracing only the things that worked in the past.

Just an Epic Fail all around
Parents: Oh yeah everyone has to do it it's too bad you don't like it. Tough

Kids: Don't you think there's something wrong with High School if everyone hates it?

Parents: *Bullshit Lecture*
by TheOneForPeace October 19, 2011
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A place where the kids start to get "high" on drinking which is why they call it high school. You expect it to be like the fucking baloney Hollywood movies because your parents tell you high school is all about romance, dances, dating, and some other shit but it is totally the opposite unless if you party and ride your dick all the time AND get a car by your sophomore year.
Aunt: OMG my nephew is finally is in high school!! You have a girlfriend yet?
Nephew: Nah, I ain't got any bitches yet cause I don't have a car and I don't get drunk as Hell in the stupid parties.
Aunt: Don't worry. Just treat the girls with respect!!!
Nephew: Whatever!!!!!
by AdomC May 08, 2015
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A shithole that everyone must go to every day, from 7:30 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon, every week, for almost 10 months. These days, high school is a fucking pain in the ass. First you must deal with fitting in and actually making some fucking friends. You need to deal with your old friends changing and acting like an ass towards you. At the same time, if you actually give two shits about getting a decent job when you're older, you must focus on your studies and make sure you get the best marks possible. If you're sick as a fucking dog and have to stay home for a week, the teachers have absolutely zero sympathy for you. You miss shitloads of handouts, assignments and lengthy notes that in no way can you work on at home. You must find out what homework you missed by calling about 5 fucking different people and attempt to catch up WHILE dealing with your illness. If you tell your teacher that you were sick and couldn't think properly, they will just shout at you and punish you accordingly. You fucking kill yourself trying to understand that cursed bit of math that your teacher never explained to you because you were away. You freak out and end up hitting the sac at 1 in the motherfucking morning. Meanwhile, you are trying to cope with a tight, phlegmy throat that is fucking annoying and won't go away. A part of you wants to go to school the next day and not miss out on any more shitty work, and another part of you wants to stay home, heal some more, and have a blast playing video games. You freak out some more, toss a few things around and shed a few tears. Then you eventually calm down.

Some people consider high school a breeze; others do not. For some it is the most treacherous thing they can think about; for others it is exciting and enjoyable. All in all, teachers suck, students suck, assignments suck, homework sucks, handouts suck, being ill sucks, and as a whole, the chore known as school is the fucking scum of the earth.
Johnny gets sick Sunday night and stays home Monday and Tuesday. He tries his best to call his friends and catch up on as much work as possible. On Wednesday, he departs for his high school and has the worst day of his life. His teachers were an ass towards him and he now has shitloads of work to do. Johnny wishes school never existed.
by Jelloer September 24, 2007
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You will actually have to study for Honors/Pre-AP/AP classes. You will most likely forget about your friends, family and love life, and will exist for the sole purpose of reaching a 4.5 GPA and studying for the impending SATs. You may experience unexplainable weight loss, paleness, and passing out randomly in class. The only free time you have will be spent crying and listening to sad music while reviewing notes for the 90th time to get a 78 on your AP chemistry test. Average sleep hours=2.5 per school night, 5=per week day.

High school kids stay awake by mixing energy drinks, coffee, cigarettes, and vitamin C supplements in a blender, then shutting their eyes and drinking it. They tend to drink about 5 a day.

Students are taught to "think for themselves" AKA conform to the people (usually idiots) around them . Most conform. Some don't and end up living poor because society rejects them. A few clever ones keep up their grades and bullshit through high school while at the same time harboring their individuality inside. These will probably survive/enjoy life and not end up

a. poor

b. dead

c. hating their stupid kids, spouse, job, and life.

Teachers don't give a fuck about anyone and usually spend their time playing computer games and getting pissy when you need to ask them a question. Gym teachers are fat, and whip you like dominatrixes to run the damn mile.

Good luck in high school...see you on the other side...
Me: I'm a sophomore in high school as of August 2011. Help me.
Fellow Goth kid: I feel you.

Dude: I though this was gym, not a BDSM crash course!
by Aceywantsyoursoul October 14, 2011
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A high school is a porthole to hell where everyone goes insane ranging causes such as:
Keeping track of who the slutty girls in your school are going out with.
Trying to be cool.
Trying to find wtf crowd you belong in.
#1 Trying to keep sane.
There are also an ass load of crowds, as described above.
by Fusion September 19, 2003
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