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Something which every Asian kid must achieve to please their non-university educated Asian parents so they have full bragging rights against other Asian families otherwise they will be disowned as they brought shame and dishonour to their family
My parents were so mad I didn't get into Oxbridge
by No_Quarter_for_them March 06, 2020

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A type of university that likes to accept international students and reject home students so that they can get more money
I heard the University of Illinois is Queen Mary University
by No_Quarter_for_them March 06, 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic is providing plenty of case studies for it
Many people went to these "catch corona" parties and then later died from COVID-19, guess natural selection took care of em.
by No_Quarter_for_them July 12, 2020

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A bunch of sadistic fucks that take pleasure in mentally torturing you by creating exams with questions that are near to impossible to understand by avoiding the specification as much as possible. If you are being examined by OCR you know exactly what is being said here. These fucks also mark exams and coursework very harshly probably because the organisation is run by a bunch of old cunts who want to use their remaining life years to ruin as many young lives as possible since they hate seeing younger people being more successful than they could have ever been in their whole entire existences.
Man I failed my exams because I was assessed by OCR
by No_Quarter_for_them May 13, 2020

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Some dickhead who always snitches you to the teacher
I swear man, I got bad grades because Danny in our group was the teacher's pet
by No_Quarter_for_them May 06, 2020

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There are two definitions for this:
1. The Met office which monitors and reports on weather

2. A short word which often refers to London's Metropolitan Police Force, the people that will raid your and your family member's houses if they ever find even a single leaf of weed on you
1. The Met predicts heavy rain today
2. Dude the Met arrested my friend yesterday
by No_Quarter_for_them March 06, 2020

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The biggest bitch alive in human history, 100 times worse than Trump, the modern version of Nero
Everyone died in Brazil from the pandemic because of Jair Bolsonaro
via giphy
by No_Quarter_for_them February 10, 2021

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