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That place where you spend four years hoping that you get by. Where about 90% of everything you hear from anyone (including teachers) is the most bogus misinformed crap. Either you go to parties, get drunk and have lots of sex or you don't.

You could be a nerd, an emo punk, a druggo, a preppy cool kid, a gossip monger or that guy everyone loves and hates at the same time. Your ultimate aim is to get into Princeton or Harvard or Cornell or whatever (dream on).

Listen to good music, take lots of power naps, try to get out of town as much as possible, watch Seinfeld and take advantage of life's small offerings and you'll be A-OK.

Also, study for 25 hours a day and do all your fucking homework if you don't wanna be a miserable faliure.
Dad: ah, I remember my senior year of high school in 1988. I had a girlfriend and always snuck out at night. Then I made it into Yale.

Son: sounds lit, dad. I'm glad you had so much fun.
by Themostunimportantpersonontheb December 12, 2018

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Tautology. Extremely stupid way of saying absolutely nothing. It's normally used to fill the room with a sound during an awkward pause or to evade a tough question (see Donald Trump, COVID-19). Often stuffy businessmen/women will use this when they just lost a shitload of money or fucked up big time.
When we go in there, as long as we know who's who and what's what, whatever happens happens and it is what it is!
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An island in the north Atlantic. Home to Billy Joel, Jerry Seinfeld and Alec Baldwin. It's a diverse place consisting of Nassau and Suffolk counties (Suffolk is far superior.) Ranging from rich white suburbs like Oyster Bay ("meet the parents" was set there!), Great neck and Port Washington to poor "hood" towns with the word "hood" in them like Riverhood, Hoodlum Bays and Brenthood as well as vacation destinations like Southampton and Montauk, gay hotspots like Westhampton and places where upper middle class artists and hipsters take over like Greenport.

You get around using the LIRR, you drink Coors light out of a paper bag and you need to change in Ronkonkoma if you're on the North fork and in Babylon if you're on the south fork and in Jamaica if you're anywhere else. If you're one of the lucky ones who lives on the east end, you get the luxury of taking the Hampton jitney.

You shop at King Kullen or the IGA. You go to "the city", not Manhattan and constantly claim to be from new York in order to seem cool.
Person 1: Wait, so you actually listen to Billy Joel?

Person 2: Long Island born and raised.

Person 1: ah.
by Themostunimportantpersonontheb December 12, 2018

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