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A high school course which encompasses the impossible workload, emotional scarring, and challenging nature of AP classes without boosting one's GPA or offering college credit.
Sally: If you think you're a good writer, take Mrs. Harrison's Pre-AP World History class, she will prove you wro-

Teacher: (Interrupting) Personal pronoun and contraction usage call for automatic failure!
by beachysweets September 27, 2009
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The equivalent name for "Honors", used for responsible 9th and 10th graders that actually care about college. Most find it challenging, and many switch out within 3 months of when school began. It can also mean the equivalent to hell for many students
Hey Mrs. DeKosky, what am i going to take for 9th Grade Science?

According to your schedule, you are taking Pre-AP Biology.


No, and that is final. Either take Pre-AP Biology or fail 9th Grade.

Fuck me, ok?
by partyrockstar222 December 28, 2011
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