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a short and intensive training course in something
I took a crash course in ballroom dancing.

He gave her a crash course on using Internet
by halo malo July 07, 2008
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Youtube channel with videos that get most of their view counts from those who have exams in the next 6 hours.
On a crash course video comment section: "who else has s test today?" with over 600 likes.
by not David totally November 02, 2017
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An online Youtube channel that is can make you learn a semesters worth of just about anything in a 10 minute video. Crash Course is run by two brothers, Hank Green and John Green and is the only reason you can keep a high GPA.
"Yo, are you ready for that Chemistry Test next period? I have no idea whats going on"
"Yeah dude, its going to be super easy! I just watched the Redox Crash Course Video in study hall last period"
by THam18 April 21, 2016
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