a short and intensive training course in something
I took a crash course in ballroom dancing.

He gave her a crash course on using Internet
by halo malo July 7, 2008
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Youtube channel with videos that get most of their view counts from those who have exams in the next 6 hours.
On a crash course video comment section: "who else has s test today?" with over 600 likes.
by not David totally November 2, 2017
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An online Youtube channel that is can make you learn a semesters worth of just about anything in a 10 minute video. Crash Course is run by two brothers, Hank Green and John Green and is the only reason you can keep a high GPA.
"Yo, are you ready for that Chemistry Test next period? I have no idea whats going on"
"Yeah dude, its going to be super easy! I just watched the Redox Crash Course Video in study hall last period"
by THam18 April 21, 2016
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when someone abruptly collides with another persons lips.
- a sneak attack
- unexpected
Jack gave me a crash course on Sideburn Rd!
by shartlysultan October 10, 2021
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a film or television series (such as the film and show Crash) in which multiple stories are told through different viewpoints, usually an overused concept found in many movies and shows
The movie Love, Actually is a crash course film because it shows the stories of different individuals
by Mister_E January 2, 2010
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A Crash course in brain surgery should be self explanatory. It's when all of your memories get thrown into one big mix and then to put it all back together so it makes sense
Did you know that most stroke victims have to perform a crash course in brain surgery? It's one hell of a ride, and I guarantee you; if you've lived your life well you'll come out on top!
by Undi's Gravity January 5, 2022
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