a short and intensive training course in something
I took a crash course in ballroom dancing.

He gave her a crash course on using Internet
by halo malo July 7, 2008
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Youtube channel with videos that get most of their view counts from those who have exams in the next 6 hours.
On a crash course video comment section: "who else has s test today?" with over 600 likes.
by not David totally November 3, 2017
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An online Youtube channel that is can make you learn a semesters worth of just about anything in a 10 minute video. Crash Course is run by two brothers, Hank Green and John Green and is the only reason you can keep a high GPA.
"Yo, are you ready for that Chemistry Test next period? I have no idea whats going on"
"Yeah dude, its going to be super easy! I just watched the Redox Crash Course Video in study hall last period"
by THam18 April 22, 2016
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when someone abruptly collides with another persons lips.
- a sneak attack
- unexpected
Jack gave me a crash course on Sideburn Rd!
by shartlysultan October 11, 2021
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Look inside and you will see
The words are cutting deep inside my brain
Oh they're burning, quickly turning
Knife of words is driving me insane
Yeah, yeah

Raven black is on my track
Please show me how to neutralise the knife
Show to me in surgery
The art of fighting words to conquer life
Conquer life
Yeah, yeah

Ooh baby, I can rock and roll
Ooh baby, get out of my soul
Now the wicked lance of fear
Driven from my heady mouth and brain
Crash course in brain surgery
Has stopped the bloody knife of love again
Yeah, yeah, yeah
by Death Menace September 30, 2022
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Another way to call someone a practice girl, not typically hot, not typically great, but similar to that pack of meat that's cheaper than the other it'll have to do.
Damn yo she was a crash course bitch
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