A made-for-TV-movie that is overrated
A. The actors sucked even though some of them were actual good
B.the plot has NOTHING to do with real life
C. it just plain sucks
Girl obsessed with Zac Effron: OMG did u see high school musical is was sooo awesome!
Girl who knows what real life is: It sucks!!
by Schoolgirl November 05, 2006
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AN overly popular musical made by disney. I dont know who the people are who enjoy this junk, but they are literally sucking the giant corporate wang that is disney.

I cant go anywhere or watch anything without some stupid commercial with a bunch of eleven-teen year olds creaming themselves over how they want to meet the hip cast of high school musical.

Maybe im getting to old, and i just cant appreciate gay shows like i used too.
Commercial 1 " Enter for you chance to suck Corbins Penis!"

boy 1 "OH FUCK YEAH!"

girl 2 " HEZ SO HAWT!@!"



normal person " a bunch of fags singing?"
by Pugnap00 August 02, 2007
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A crap, overrated movie that contains annoying songs, yet they get stuck to your head and a cheesy plot where there's a happy ending and the 2 main characters end up together.
Disney's lame representation of high school where there are no problems in life and you end up with the person you fall in love with, and people are told to "stick to their status quo" instead of trying something new.
Kid: *watching Disney channel and dancing along to High School Musical*

HSM freak: *singing in hallway* We're all in this together once we know--
Dude: STFU.
HSM freak2: I have a HSM binder, stickers, pencil case, dolls, and --
Dude: I'll burn them all!
by Stealth! April 08, 2008
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The film that confirmed the destruction of the Disney everyone knew and loved.
Retarded middle schooler: OMG I luvvvv High Skool Musicleee it's awesomeeeeee <3 xxxxxxxxxx
Everyone Born before 1997: Shut the fuck up. High School Musical is a bucket of mouldy horse shit

*smacks in the face with Lion King VHS*
by Ninaroja February 14, 2012
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The dumbest thing to come out of Disney .If you act like they do in high school musical in high school or even middle school your gonna get shot or something. you don't wanna go " hey batter batter" in the hsm fashion in p.e cause they're gonna throw it at your balls or something when see you dancing like an idiot.
loser #1: hey did you know high school musical 3 is coming out?
loser #2: really?
loser #1: in theaters too.
loser #2: we should be like (name of hsm character)and (name of another hsm character) today
loser #1: okay!!

both losers dance and act gay like hsm that day and end up getting shot by a suicidal nerd who decided to take their lives instead of a teachers and himself because it was so horrible and he was cheered by everyone (that hated high school musical)
by schoolspy September 19, 2007
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stupid channel with non realistic shows. makes everything seem perfect. superficial airheads and platinum blondes only. pretty much every person on the freakin channel turns into a skank or whore. you get the picture.
high school musical : not everything turns out this happy. pathetic excuse for a movie. those people can't sing anyway. another trend meant for preps and little kids to drool over.
by whatever-..ally January 23, 2007
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A shitty movie made by disney. any girl prep that you walk by will be talking about it. specifically saying "liek omg zac izzzzz soooooooo hot!"
katlyn: hey have you seen high school musical?

Ashley: liek omg yeah! zac is sooo hot i would totally buy him some american eagle crap!
by imjustapoorboynobodylovesme December 03, 2006
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