THIS DOESNT MEAN THAT THE FEMALE SENDING IT WANTS THE DICK!! I promise! it just means girls are excited to chat(example 2)! Or that they like you! (example 1)
Eva: heyyy ;)
Isaac: oh hey
example 2
Lilie: Heyyyy wtm today?
Eva: haven’t decided yet :/
by bisexualbitchh July 4, 2018
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I texted my girlfriend and she said heyyy I knew what that ment....
by Eggs,Bacon,Chese, Sausage! December 7, 2016
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used in a way to flirt. the person who sent you this wants to start a conversation and gets excited when they think of messaging you! they're quite a flirt
Bill - " heyyy y/n! "
Jessica - " oh, hey Bill. you're excited to message me, right? "
by sillygreygoose December 9, 2019
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They fucking want you next to them and they want to cuddle or fuck or both
Her: Heyyy❤️
Him: should I come over
Her: yes my love
by The love kid August 27, 2021
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An insanely silly, customary greeting used in lieu of the oh-so-boring, typical “hello.” This ridonkulous introductory welcome, frequently used in conversational exchange between good friends, requires an immediate, retarded echo reply, along with a two-second extension of the final "heyyy," in order to achieve full comedic effect.

This catchy yet goofy phrase can also be used in unique shit show-like circumstances to express excitement, surprise, shock, or complete and utter disbelief. The original definition can be credited to Keasha, a neuronally challenged, caution tape wearing, hilariously funny contestant on the reality filth television show, “A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila.”
Tanya sees Stefanie walking by Bux and customarily greets her with an enthusiastic “hey girl heyyy!” Stefanie quickly responds with a friendly retarded echo, “hey girl heyyy!”

“Holla! I just got tenure, let the party begin… Hey girl heyyy!” or “OMG, there’s a roach underneath the kitchen table! Hey girl heyyy!”

Keasha, sporting her ridonk caution tape dress during Episode 1 proclaims: “Caution…hehe…hey girl heyyy”
by LMT922 November 15, 2009
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In this encounter with this word and emoji, we'll have you know..

You're getting laid tonight.
Except if you're a brick.

You're not.

heyyy (specifically with 3 (three) (y)'s) is a dangerous word you can get into.
Whether you can be in a kinky relationship or a netflix and chill relationship.
Either way, in my personal advice, just don't reply.

Winky faces.
Oh god.

your close friend : heyyy (with a winky face)
you : hi
your close friend : wyd friday night?
you : bye
by LVE X BRI December 30, 2016
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