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To be a Hermis is to act in a careless manner.
A Hermis is content whichever way the wind blows.
A Hermis cannot be brought down to a lower level than that of a careless state.

A Hermis can live his life with the minimum requirements to live on a day to day basis. While he does not care or have any dreams in life, he does however like to argue.

Hermis will argue in a sense of not caring about the outcome of his argument.
The Hermis: I'm not feeling too well. You know how you feel when you are getting sick? I feel cold and achy with a slight headache.
Other Person: I know What you mean.
The Hermis: Ehhhhh oh well at least my mom is making mashed potatoes, maybe that will help
by The Cat from Above January 24, 2011
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Pulling a Hermis is being incompetent and arguing with everyone in the hermis's path. The Hermis is a wild and uncontrollable being.
Guy: Lets play some cs:s
The Hermis: ohhh noooozzz, I got to go to Hyperaudio to fix my d1s

Guy: Don't pull a hermis
by The Cat from Above January 20, 2011
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A Hermis is a cherished act in which one person spreads jelly or any similar substance in the pubic hair of another person and then licks/eats it off. One who excels at this art is known as a "Hermstar."
Person 1: "I want you to give me a Hermis."

Hermstar: "Gladly, but I only use the finest Hermis jelly."
by Hermstatic July 18, 2012
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