to chicken out or back down, as from intimidation or fear; to display cowardice
Don't let him herb you!
You just got herbed by that nigga!
by weave March 18, 2003
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punked out; to fold from fear or intimidation; back down when hostilely confronted; disrespected
Yo, that crazy beeotch herbed me!
by weave March 16, 2003
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1) (on the streets) A stupid person.

2) (on the internet)A geek or a dork. A stupid person.

3) Weed.
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
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used by rapper esoteric, in the song herb. pronounced like its spelled, no silent h. it doesnt mean weed or drugs, its a term for someone who follows trends, or just is a complete bullshitter. basicly one of those kind of people that nobody likes.
'yo you a herb, if you say you rhyme off the mind
but your hype mans backin up every single line'

'you a herb, if you steal out the tip-cup
if you still wear a hat with the visor flipped up'
by chris May 31, 2004
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Insult synonomous with loser but can have multiple negative connotations. Pronounced "HURB" with no silent 'h.'The term was popularized in upstate New York and spread from there.
The word herb has nothing to do with marijuana.
Guy 1: Yo, I saw Melvin in the bathroom crying because he got a 93 on the math test!

Guy 2: Word? That kid is a total HERB!
by martin font July 21, 2005
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1. (noun) Nerd; dork; geek; generally uncool person. Originated in early 1980s Burger King ad campaign in which a nerd named HERB was featured. The term was subsequently embraced by the hip hop generation.

2. (noun) Weed. Silent H.
Manny is such a herb; he got 10-inch rims on his purple escort.
by Wendy October 25, 2004
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