A herb is either a male or female who enjoys the smell of others. This may mean that they are subtle about it and just smile when a girl with long hair who uses nice shampoo passes by, or they can be hardcore about it and sniff another persons hair dramatically and judge and consider their friendship possibilities by what their hair smells like. They themselves have impeccable sense of style and enjoy philosophical thinking in their own time.
person1: hey man; whats up with him??
Person2: I dont know mate hes a herb.
person1: hard core?? or subtle??
person2: hard core..i think he has a thing for blondes though..
by MrHerbsfriend June 06, 2011
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Man or woman that thinks their beats are good and their shit don't stink. Herbs have no physical or mental ability. When tested for AIDS, comes back positive. You know you're talking to a herb when they complain about how many bitches they don't get and how many Nissan Altimas they drive.
Anthony LeBlanc is a herb.
If you want something done right, don't ask Tony Hitz, he's a herb.
by YaboieriktheD February 24, 2014
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1. A person of low class education and is most likely not to get anywhere in life because of the fact that they are constantly smoking pot. Usually they are hispanic and speak spanglish, have outrageous attitudes, and often are players.
Girl: Yo jose looks good
Girl 2: yeah but what a herb
Girl: I know but i always end up wit herbs anyway
Girl 2: becareful with that
by Eloisa November 28, 2003
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'Herb' basically means bullshit.
usually used in conjunction with allow word derived from British public schools.
'my Porsche just got flipped by a marine'
'hahah your chatting the herb!'
by yesmeansno July 07, 2011
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Someone who can't defend themselves.
A nerd who smokes alot of weed.
(Also see ween)
by Dyke-Mike October 22, 2004
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to chicken out or back down, as from intimidation or fear; to display cowardice
Don't let him herb you!
You just got herbed by that nigga!
by weave March 18, 2003
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