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When three bros ejaculate in a girls eyes, ears, and mouth, leaving her blind, deaf, and dumb.
Me and the boys Helen Kellered that hot MILF last night, then left the plunger in the toilet bowl. Got her!
by Laura Wynn February 05, 2011
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intoxicated to the point of impossibly blurred vision, incomprehensible slurred speech, and an inability to hear anything over the sound of the blood pounding in your ears
Dude, you were Helen Kellered last night!
by Greg Giraldo October 13, 2010
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Being killed, in a video game, after being flash banged, especially in Call of Duty 4.
Ben: "I hate getting flash banged! I couldn't see, hear, or talk! I was Helen-Kellered!"
Jordan: "Yeah where's the miracle worker when you need her?"
by imnotyourbro February 14, 2008
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