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Engaging in or witnessing sexual interactions involving ocular enthusiast and foremost god of gay porn, Colby Keller.

Results include being overcome by a combination of lust, awe, emotional fulfillment, and mild to moderate asphyxia. Similar to the experience of eating a large and lovely cake.
Tommy has had a spring in his step since he got Kellered last Tuesday.
by I saw penis February 27, 2014
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To be so drunk that one is unable to speak, see, or hear, such as how Helen Keller was unable to do any of those things.
"Yo man I'm gonna get soooo kellered tonight that I'm still gonna be drunk when I go to work tomorrow."
by Lorne Park Drinking Team May 21, 2007
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To be completely blind-sided and dumb-struck by something that happened.

similar to pwned and reeved
Paul was kellered when he fell down the flight of stairs.
by Steve Jorgensen July 14, 2006
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