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Hefty is a term used in Glasgow, mainly the rough area of Pollok.
Hefty generally means, large, huge, big, very, alot.
It is generally used to describe a large object or something similar.

The word Heavy in these areas can also mean the same, as does Pure and are commonly found in the same sentance.
'Here mate you've got a hefty shite on yer shoe'
'Check that hefty fat burd'
'Here bud check oot ma new sannies, hefty cool int they'
'Your a hefty bawbag'
by amadman July 05, 2007
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A Pollok term meaning large, a lot, very. Actually coming to think about it nobody has a f*cking clue what hefty actually means
"That's a hefty meaty Stane!"
by Arrogant Shite April 06, 2003
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Heavy, bulky
''Pollok, yer a hefty bastard''
by Brendan April 07, 2003
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Might come from the german "heftig", which means massive or intense.
Hefty fine = really really nice/good
by St, Edzehard October 26, 2008
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meaning your a little bit large around the middle
ie Fat
haha your hefty
by Xhent August 29, 2003
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sexxy, hot, cool, and can also be used when talking about a heavy situation
"omg u look so hefty tonight!"
"omg that sirt is so hefty"
heavy situation:
"wow that story was hefty i dont kno what im gonna do now!!"
by SUPERMERCADO26 May 24, 2007
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