sexxy, hot, cool, and can also be used when talking about a heavy situation
"omg u look so hefty tonight!"
"omg that sirt is so hefty"
heavy situation:
"wow that story was hefty i dont kno what im gonna do now!!"
by SUPERMERCADO26 May 24, 2007
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The original hefty consists of 6 oz tequila and 3 oz sprite, all into a rocks glass, no ice, then you down the entire drink in one breathe. Wait 10 min and it hits you HARD
You can make a hefty out of any alcohol, just use the same 2 to 1 ratio of alcohol and soda.
Dude, i did 3 hefty's before we went out and i threw up in the cab!!
by Fredo SF May 07, 2012
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The New Cool means the same exact thing but cool is getting old
he did some hefty tricks skate boardeding then crashed. it was hefty
by Airsoft God May 14, 2007
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describing a person of Chilean descent, who posses one or all of the following qualities:

1: little or no sexual appeal
2: insignificant social status
3: humourless
The Hefty in my 1st Block Debate class tried to impress Amy, but just ended up looking like a tool.
by Allie's Love February 19, 2009
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"Heavy," as in serious.

from the movie Black Girl (1972)
"Ew look girl! You done got her all pissed off now. She gettin' hefty now.“
by dapraz January 19, 2016
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