A word I made up , "Hef" meaning "Hoe Everybody Fucked".
by Young NIC June 7, 2014
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A gender neutral pronoun used instead of him/her/he/she/they/them. Universal in the sense it compresses all pronouns into one pronoun that represents all regardless of gender.
Hef: who did that?
Hef: hef did that, that hef over there. Hef.
by Hmfm May 19, 2018
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Term started by the website 2gnt.com in reference to acts of gayness. Stands for "Homosexual Erotic Faggotry"
"I just wanted to grab that dude's ass"

by BRU_ce July 19, 2004
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Crazy mad man who gets pissed off very easily on cs
by hef May 13, 2003
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whats that 1 kill for 400 deaths, no wonder you are pissed hef
by Not M0T October 25, 2003
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A word with the same meaning and value as the spelling of itself.
by Alex Hemmings August 19, 2011
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