When you cared way more. When it isn't enough for the other person. When you aren't enough. It is torture to be heartbroken. ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”
by Y&Y All For You May 31, 2021
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Its a deep pain in your chest that makes you choke on your words and tears fall from you eyes. Its when the one you loved, your world revolved around, and could see no one above them; taking your heart in their hands and shattering it with the help of another. If you truly loved someone you would know that time doesn't heal all and your reminded everyday that while they are living their life with another; you are reliving every lie they told you. You knowing your a fool for how much you gave and despite not getting even 25% back still gave it your all... Everyday is a living hell despite how well of a facade you put up for everyone to see. It's knowing that even though people want you and want to date you, you're too scared to even give someone else a chance. Because you still love someone who won't ever love you back and know that you would only give someone false hope that they had a chance.
When you look at someone, smile like its ok, and when they aren't looking hold back the tears because you are heartbroken.
by Broken beyond repair February 19, 2012
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The worst feeling in the world. It when you cry yourself to sleep at night or when you want to cry in the middle of class because you think of them. You feel upset, worthless, depressed.
"Dru left me heartbroken. But I still love him"
by Sosaddddd February 17, 2017
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When everything you know and rely on is torn apart, because everything you believe in is love, understanding, and a mystery feeling you can't describe. Then one day you find a happiness that makes you...well you can't describe it. Then you realize it's love for a person you never counted on falling for which makes it the first love. You've loved before but not like this. Yet, that person doesn't love you that way, and you can't not have them in your life so you watch from the side lines as they date wrong person after wrong person. Still you love them, and day after day you watch as your heart is crushed leaving you a wreck of a person still clinging to hope. You still believe that one day they'll come around, but you and everyone else knows that not true. But you believing still is what causes the most pain.
Duckie from Pretty in Pink ends up heartbroken and left at Prom.

by m.r. darcy March 10, 2009
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This is your physical and mental state when you have lost someone you love for whatever reason--maybe because they cheated, maybe because they moved away, maybe because the timing isn't right. It hurts so bad, so deep down inside that you actually feel a sharp, constricting pain right in the area of your heart, causing you to wonder if you might be having a heart attack. You kind of hope you're having one because you'll soon be unconscious and won't be able to feel the pain anymore. You soon realize you are not having a heart attack, so you cry as hard as possible and breathing becomes something more like gasping for air. You ask yourself WHY? over and over again and never have an answer. You wonder when you will ever get over this and think maybe you never will. You doubt there will ever be anyone in your life ever again who could replace this person you have lost.
I was so heartbroken I crawled into a cave and didn't talk to anyone for weeks.
by jushiburuberi March 30, 2010
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When you've grown attached to that special someone... And then rips out your heart from your chest just to step on it... It feels like eternal pain.
My boyfriend and I dated for almost two years untill he fell for someone else and broke the news to me.
by Zerg Rushin' Fun July 30, 2004
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When it feels like your heart has been ripped out droped kicked then had a full rugby team jumping up and down on it.
What happened to me and i tell you it hurts like you have no idea.
by Oliver December 26, 2005
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