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When you smoke, drink, exercise, (any habit) to the point that you must do this habit daily and engenders a feeling of withdrawal if you do not.
"Ugh need that morning bowl to get even for court today."

"Long day of work, comin' home to some gin. Boss is a jerk, but now it's time to get even."

"I'm not smoking again, babe, I was just getting even."
by femalegingko December 22, 2011
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This is what one does to balance out any positive or negative gain of any kind.
Getting even:

Guy 1: you shouldn't get angry like that
Guy 2: I don't get angry I get even.

" You better wear a jacket or you'll get cold"

"I don't get cold, I get even"

"Can you get the milk out?"

"I don't get milk, I get even"
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