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-Someone who is 100% fuckable
-Someone who I would do things to that arent even thought of yet
-Someone that I am going to fuck the hell out of when I see 'em
-He's gonna...WAX THAT ASS
"I am going to ride dru like a cowboy"
by Suzay June 12, 2008
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adjective describing one as:
courageous, heroic, maliciously sly, witty, funny, outrageously good looking, OUTRAGEOUSLY good looking, apparently god's gift to the world.
Dru is like dan tat, yello and sweet and good to eat.
by andu July 04, 2004
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A Dru is a very manly and wild (in a good way) guy who is really kind. He's into nature and is really independent. His empathic insight is very big and if he likes you he'll always be there. He's always up for a deep convo or impulsive plans. A Dru is a wonderful lover.
-Hey! What's that noise from the bushes?
-Oh, it's probably a Dru in his natural environment.
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by Bambi99 November 07, 2016
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Abbrieviation of 'dude are you serious'. used occasionally in chat rooms.
1- I just sold a mob fone on eBay!
2- How much?
1- Β£300!
2- DRUS?!?
by Yhtomit December 03, 2006
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An easily butthurt boy that makes everything into a big deal. He can't take a joke, and is overly-sensitive compared to his other female classmates. Not many people like him. Some girls may like him just from his face at first, but when they get to know him, he can become incredibly incompetant.
Girl #1 : Oh My God, look at that guy.

Girl #2 : Ew, you mean him?

Girl #1 : Yeah, the one playing basketball over there! You know, he's making all the dunks!

Girl #2 : Hun, that's Dru. I don't think you want to be apart of his life in any way.
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by Ping~Fu June 09, 2016
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