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A Dru is a very manly and wild (in a good way) guy who is really kind. He's into nature and is really independent. His empathic insight is very big and if he likes you he'll always be there. He's always up for a deep convo or impulsive plans. A Dru is a wonderful lover.
-Hey! What's that noise from the bushes?
-Oh, it's probably a Dru in his natural environment.
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by Bambi99 November 07, 2016
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-Someone who is 100% fuckable
-Someone who I would do things to that arent even thought of yet
-Someone that I am going to fuck the hell out of when I see 'em
-He's gonna...WAX THAT ASS
"I am going to ride dru like a cowboy"
by Suzay June 12, 2008
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adjective describing one as:
courageous, heroic, maliciously sly, witty, funny, outrageously good looking, OUTRAGEOUSLY good looking, apparently god's gift to the world.
Dru is like dan tat, yello and sweet and good to eat.
by andu July 04, 2004
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Dru is the funniest and most beautiful person I have ever met. Her humor can keep me alive for hours. Sometimes dru can be a little bit to silly it can get out of hand but no one is perfect. Dru is also one of the prittyest people I have met
Although she has an open heart and a kind mind. I love her
Dru is so nice
by Aiden marriso March 10, 2018
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Dru is the best girl you will ever meet. She'll always be there for you even if you screw her over. Dru is outstanding and extremely beautiful. Dru has one of the best bodies and a great personality. She has a bit of a dirty mind but is always laughing. Dru may seem shy but deep down inside she is a freak. If you ever meet a Dru, keep her in your life!
Dru is my best friend!
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by Carl P. Henderson June 15, 2018
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