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A character in an awesome film series titled Pure Pwnage.

FPS Doug plays FPS games and pwns n00bs. He's fond of saying "BOOM HEADSHOT!" and is generally 1337.
Shit, I just got pwned by FPS Doug.
by Pwnage Fan December 13, 2004
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FPS Doug is a character on the internet TV show Pure Pwnage which can be found at Doug plays mainly FPS (First Person Shooter) games such as Counter Strike and Call of Duty 2. Doug is well known for the "Boom Headshot" video he stared in.
FPS Doug plays FPS games.
by Ripper Skillz April 24, 2006
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A cast-member of the internet show "Pure Pwnage"

He is one Jeremy"teh_pwnerer's" best friend.

FPS Doug plays FPS

He's to dramatic at times in the show, but in RL hes calm.

FPS Doug is my idol.
by asdw April 09, 2007
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An over-imature bald man who obseses over video games, and thinks he is the greatest. If anyone really paid attention to his videos, they would know that it was spectator mode, and him not really playing.
Person 1: Dude fps doug is soooooo cool, he owns, hes teh greatest KEKEKE ^_^

Person 2: No not really, he needs to get a life and grow some hair
by LOL I'M JESUS =D December 23, 2005
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an uglier version of one of the cyborgs in halo. he is a bald ass fat white oy who plays counter-strike all day...not only he plays it but acts it too
man that bitch fps doug has no life i wonder why he puts fps on front of his name i thought fps meant frames per second
by jay45 September 09, 2006
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