A cage surrounds the wrestling ring. Both wrestlers start inside the ring (and thus inside the cage). In order to win, BOTH of your feet have to hit the ground outside of the cage.
by Super Guy February 4, 2004
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i can't wait to get out of work so i can have a cage match
by jimmy4405 July 22, 2009
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A Nicholas Cage film (not movie, any movie with Nick Cage is instantly promoted to film) marathon.
Friend 1 : "Damn, I'm so excited for our Cage Match tonight!"

Friend 2: "Yeah! The Wicker Man and Ghost Rider are some of my favourite films!"
by DogTown June 28, 2012
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Round after round of meaningless sex with someone you are extremely sexually attracted to.
I dated a chic and we had nothing in common except for amazing cage matches.
by Cage Master April 6, 2010
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Competition against your opponent to post pictures of Nicolas Cage in unsuspecting places.

Inspired by a "Cage Match" posted on Imgur between a mother and her daughter

Use of images from the subreddit: r/onetruegod (All Hail Nicolas Cage!) is strongly encouraged.
I've had an Cage match going on between me and my buddy for a long time, he made my shit my pants when I went to the bathroom and there was a picture of him on each piece of toilet paper.
by kahn9891 May 6, 2013
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a scenario in which 2 guys use a double edged fleshlight at the same time.
"come over later for netflix and a cage match?"
by c*ckjugglingthundahkunt June 13, 2017
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