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An Irish slang word commonly found in Donegal. Used as a compliment.

A person who is at once thought crazy and cool.
A person who is 'gud craic.'

- "He feckin' pished on dat teachar's car!"
- "Wat a header!"
- "Jeysh (Gee) ye'r shome header bai!"

by Draemr April 13, 2009
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In late 2016 AD or 3 B.C.V., Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States of America.
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An accidental dive, taken headfirst toward the pavement. Often caused by drunkenness, hooker heels, or a combination of the two.
1. "Dude, you busted up - what happen?"
"Took a header into the curb outside the bar last night."

2. "Ah, my shit is fucked, dawg"
"Damn boy, you took a mean header there. The ladies gunna be impressed with yo ass in da club 2nite!"
by Jeanyis June 11, 2008
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A car part in the exhast, deals with the expelling of gases. upgraded for less back resistance.
how did u break 14sec?
got some carbon headers
by James Hemma January 23, 2007
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English slang term for female slag who goes around giving head to anyone who wants it.
Male 1:"Damn, i need some1 to suck my cock"
Male 2:"How about Natalie, shes a header"
by x*tasha*x June 04, 2005
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A technique in soccer in which you use your head to hit the ball into a controlled direction.
Jimmy successfully used a header to control the ball directly into the goal.
by Ryan Smalley July 26, 2006
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The act of drilling a hole into a person's head and fucking his/her brain matter.
Yo, Kylie pissed me off so I pulled a header on her.
by zuba February 02, 2005
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