An Irish slang word commonly found in Donegal. Used as a compliment.

A person who is at once thought crazy and cool.
A person who is 'gud craic.'

- "He feckin' pished on dat teachar's car!"
- "Wat a header!"
- "Jeysh (Gee) ye'r shome header bai!"

by Draemr April 13, 2009
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An accidental dive, taken headfirst toward the pavement. Often caused by drunkenness, hooker heels, or a combination of the two.
1. "Dude, you busted up - what happen?"
"Took a header into the curb outside the bar last night."

2. "Ah, my shit is fucked, dawg"
"Damn boy, you took a mean header there. The ladies gunna be impressed with yo ass in da club 2nite!"
by Jeanyis June 11, 2008
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When a sophisticated gentleman attempts a charging back post bullet header behind a fellow of the opposite sex, he then proceeds to fucking body her
Person 1 - "Back post!"
Person 2 - "My header!"

Alan Partridge - "TWAT! Did you see that?!"
by Hedd Wyn December 1, 2021
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Chase: I was scoring goals with Messi and scoring with Rachel yesterday...

Austin: "Header!"
by bishfish101 November 9, 2011
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To receive a blow-job; having a person suck one's penis til it unloads.
I was so drunk last night I let that ugly fat bitch Myriam give me a header.
by venusflytrap January 18, 2005
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mainly a very hot tempered person or can also mean a stupid,mental,gay,bitch,hobo, that mooches off of you.
"STUPID HEADER!" or "Stacey is such a header"
by nikinava94 July 22, 2008
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It's a slang term for oral sex.
"Ken wanted to give me a header."
by MRBIGSELBY January 17, 2016
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