A gender undefinable person. Could be a man or a woman, or a little of both. Often dressed in nondescript clothing or dressed incredibly flamboyantly with bulges or hair in places they ought not be.
"Look at that...heshe? I can't tell if that motha is a man or a woman, i mean, check out the breasts and the beard!"
by One Sexy Miami Girl October 20, 2004
Hesh comes from 1980's skateboard and crossover heavy metal vernacular, derived from 'hessian' to denote Germanic warriors and soldiers. Fashionwise, 'hesh' people took cues from the 2nd wave British heavy metal, LA hardcore, and Mexican 'cholo'/lowrider ,and '80's skaterat subcultures. 'Hesh', when used as an adjective, means cool, couraeous, reckless, and describes the nihilisic, hedonistic lifestyles of these modern bon vivants. Heavy marijuana use is a central part of hesh culture.
"Josh is hesh, he's down for whatever."

"That hesh skaterat just asked me for some spare change, it was intimidating."

"Hesh sesh (session) in the park on Saturday, smoke a bowl, hit the ramps,then we'll get tacos and skate to the beach and have a bonfire"
by DD Hesh March 2, 2010
in the skating world; hesh is the style that says you don't give a fuck. Except, now that's it's been labled, no one is really hesh. You dig? The dudes with the tighter pants, smaller shirts, mesh back hats, and high top shoes...are generally hesh...but shit, if you say you're hesh, then you're not really hesh! You're not supposed to care, dumbass.
"that dude is hesh"
"those are some hesh tricks"
by Anonymous October 1, 2003
a term derived from skateboarding culture. usually used to describe someone unkempt and sometimes dirty in appearance. will have facial hair more times than not along with tighter jeans.
"Holy shit! Did you see that dude's beard? That is one heshy mother fucker!"

"That dude has never washed his clothes and has maybe showered once or twice in his entire life. He is hesh as a bitch."
by SPF March 10, 2006
Derived from ‘hesh', which comes from 1980’s skateboard and crossover heavy metal vernacular. Fashionwise, ‘heshe’ people take cues from next generation trends and subcultures, pushing what are defined to be timeless styles beyond the rigid modes of fashion. When used as an adjective, ‘heshe’ means cool, bold, daring, and woke as fuck.
That vintage Gaultier top is so heshe, I don't think it will ever go out of style.

That’s super heshe of you to go off on your uncle for not understanding that all lives don’t matter until Black Lives Matter.
by heshegirl June 27, 2020
fucked up, smelly, generally and totally disgusting
"that hobo was lookin and smellin totally heshed out, homes"
by the vegetable kingdom September 5, 2008
A discription of a certain type of style in the world of skateboarding. The common "hesher" will go for any trick you tell them to without thinking about it twice, and refuse to bail (even if landing primo is 100% guaranteed). "Heshers" commonly use the term "fuck yeah" and wear the tightest pants and clothes possible
"Dude, did you just see Steve try switch heel down that 11? He caught it 3 decks over the stair primo, and still tried to stick it. Hes so hesh!"
"Marocco is so hesh. Right when we got out of the car he went straight fot the kickflip back smith!"
by Figgles Newtswart April 14, 2006