A Canadian TV show which takes place in a high school with kids who have a shitload of issues which can be realistic but sometimes can be a little melodramatic and ridiculous, i think the writers just want to capture every possible bad situation that can happen in a high school, happening to the one school, to only a particular group of students.

What's funny is that most of the shows graduates are trying to become actors, models and arts students, succeeding in all 3, sending a terrible message to kids who are yet to discover the employability and the common salary of an art student graduate.

If you are 12 and have anxious, paranoid parents, start watching this show with them.
Degrassi the Next Generation scenarios

The realistic: Girlfriend/boyfriend problems, I’m gay but am scared to tell people problems, fat girl has self confidence issues, kids trying an illegal drug for the first time etc

the more extreme storylines: 12 year old meet a pedophile after chatting on the internet, 2 girls gets raped, teacher accused of molesting a 13 year old, A SCHOOL SHOOTING, a main character stabbed to death (bashing him wasn’t dramatic enough apparently), Kevin Smith filming a kids version of Jay and Silent Bob at the school whilst developing a relationship ten pregnancy, bipolar kid goes off meds, gay kid almost becomes a prostitute etc
by tissue box September 6, 2009
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A Canadian show that follows up the original 80's Series, Degrassi Junior High. Some nicknames for this show are: DTNG; D:TNG; and sometimes just plain Degrassi. In Canada, it is aired on CTV, while in the US, it is aired on The-N (Also known as Noggin). This show takes place a Degrassi Community School in Canada, and talks about teenage issues such as: sexuality, abusive relationships, abusive families, cutting, drugs, and more. The show started airing in 2001, and is currently airing and filming.

However, due to these very dramatic teenage issues, The N has editted some small changes that CTV hasn't:
1) In "Whisper to a Scream", they did not show Ellie cutting her arm.
2) Craig sniffing coke in front of Manny
3) Manny's thong in "U Got The Look" was lowered so it didn't show as much
4) JT getting stabbed, and blood running down his shirt

The N has recently aired "Accidents Will Happen", which was never aired on The N until the "Every episode Ever" marathon, due to the plot, which involves abortion. Many Americans were outraged, but now they air it regularly.
Degrassi: The Next Generation is one of the most awesome shows I've ever watched before!
by Hillary! February 3, 2007
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To boldly go where others has been before.
I been in this shit and I know someone has been here before, but she's not that old she's definitely cuntrek next generation.
by Geo P June 24, 2021
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The Next Generation Konstables or NGK are a low key street gang that originated in NYC. The NGK work together with tha Bee-Line Syndicate(BLS).
Person 1- Ay yo who dat nigga dressed in black?

Person 2- Dat be dat NGK muthafucka...

Person 1- NGK?

Person 2- NGK standz fo Next Generation Konstables...
by Konstable Flex April 15, 2008
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A person that is very environmentally aware, and that often visits the 'Starbucks coffee' , but not resembling a 1970's era hippie.
Dude, all those Next Generation hippies at Starbucks, working on their 'projects and work' should go an eat hot death.
by tha8yearold May 3, 2008
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The bestest show in the world. You are truly deprived if you have not seen or heard of this show. Watch it immediately.
Star Trek: The Next Generation is the life-giver.
by Randomhuggie January 9, 2010
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