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Anything made by a person, rather than a product coming manufactured from a company complete.
by TessekTheQuarren December 09, 2003
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Do it yourself. usually in reference to underground local stuff.
The diy show we went to yesterday owned
by tovarichi June 04, 2005
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Job done by one man using one tool and a bag of nuts.
"I didn't get off with anyone tonight, so I suppose I'll go back to mine for some DIY over the internet.
by October 05, 2003
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Another way to say "Do It Yourself" instead of saying "Do It Yourself"

Here's a example:
Chris: Oh hey, can you get me my soda?
Mike: Dude, DIY.
by Hyuga RBLX August 29, 2016
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When one feels the need to excrete in a humerous manner.
John: Well, im gunna go carve that stool.
Paul:I didn't know you could carve furniture...are you into D.I.Y?
by Jagonxero1 November 06, 2009
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