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gay sex in which at least one participant is a country boy.
After moving to the farm Noah enjoyed a hayride with Luke.
by Noah Mayer March 03, 2008
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A Hay Ride is a form of foreplay where two people about to mate take matchbox cars and drive them through the hairs of their lovers nether regions aka pubes. While the cars are being pushed it is courteous to make automobile sounds such as 'put, put, put' or 'vroooom!' This is also a form of foreplay that can be enjoyed simultaneously by both parties, but only experienced hay riders should attempt a 69 hay ride.
I began to chafe after the hay ride wes was giving me became to forceful. I had to give him the hornet to make him stop.
by bendo383 November 05, 2009
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Multiple sexual acts which occur in a rural setting, esp. around or near hay, usually in a barn, always between young men in their late teens.
"Man, Noah is uptight. Hasn't Luke taken him for a hayride, yet?" or "Luke and Noah took a very long hayride yesterday; the barn floor is really sticky."

Other usage: "If Noah doesn't get to ride the hay soon, he will explode."
by Luke Snyder March 04, 2008
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When a man or woman sits on the face of a dude with a medium to long beard.
Look at that guy with beard... I'd love to take a hayride on that.
by LACotton November 27, 2016
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An extremely exciting ride, on ermโ€ฆhay around a farm. The ride usually lasts much too long, and you freeze your ass off. Comes in boring, and boring with haunted freaks varieties.
Our school forced us to go on a hayride for homecoming again, DAMMIT!
by RebelWithoutAClause October 10, 2004
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A hayride is a pleasure ride in an open truck, wagon or sleigh which has been decorated with hay or straw and similar farmlife paraphernalia. In modern times it is usually organized commercially and takes place at night.

Hayrides on Halloween are often dubbed as 'haunted hayrides'. During Fall, in Colorado and Other Great Plain states, a hayride may feature a stop at a Pumpkin Patch where passengers can pick a Pumpkin.
I took my daughters to Pumpkin festival, there were hayrides, face paiting and pumpkin decorating.
by Ole-lukoye October 19, 2009
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