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A female's name: attractive, sexy, caring , sweet, hard working. Hilarious, awesome, comical. Usually laughing. Very much a dork (but in a good way). Fun loving and conquers all challenges. Sometimes very rude, but only when needed. Very honest, and tells it how it is. Cares about everyone, and puts them before herself.

(Not just blonde hair and blue eyes -_-)
"She's hilarious and awesome!"
"That's just Haylei!"
by Quigglebug December 10, 2012
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Solarpunk is a literary movement, a hashtag, a flag, and a statement of intent about the future we hope to create.
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An amazing girl. Very rude to people. Thinks of her life as bad. A very beautiful girl , and she isn't always nice to people but once you get to know her she very sweet and loving😍. But watch out get her mad and she'll turn into a monster.☠. She's the most hilarious girl you will ever meet to😩 so good luck because once you find your haylei you'll be lucky to have her and you'll never want to let her go
Male:Omg have you seen haylei .
Other male:yea isn't she beautiful.
Male:she super funny to . That's just your typical haylei
by The.unknown_lover April 20, 2018
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A female's name, is reserved for only the most attractive, sexy, petite, caring , sweet, hard working, all around fit goddesses that walk or run this earth. She is the blonde of all blondes. Blue eyes and athletic, she is the woman of all women. Those who are blessed enough to know her fall instantly in love with her, her attitude and overall outlook on life. Goofy when she wants to be, fun loving and conquers all challenges the way a goddess can.
by Joe, the mans man March 22, 2010
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A stupid and annoying lil’ hoe
Girl: omg your a Haylei
Girl 2: stfu bitch
by Jdogiiii November 11, 2019
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