the most amazing guy you will ever meet, the sort you only realize how much he means to you when he;s not there. A guy that makes you feel "ohh" so happy, and is quite funny too. He's always looks impeccable.

The guy every girl wants.

The guy every other guy wants to be.
Haydn's across the globe.

by australiandreamer December 13, 2010
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He just had the most satisfying Haydn possible!
by Dan L November 10, 2004
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Haydn is the kindest, most friendly guy you will ever meet. He’s of a heart of gold and is always reaching out to people to see if they are okay. He is always cracking jokes and making everyone laugh. Once you become friends with him, he will never leave your side. He’s one of those friends you never forget. If you’re lucky enough to be his gf though, congrats. You are set for life. He will take care of you like no one has ever done. He will have your back, care for you, and love you with all his heart. He will make you happier than you’ve ever felt before because he genuinely cares about you as a person. If you ever leave him, you best shoot yaself because you just made the biggest mistake of your life. Good luck finding someone like him again, because you won’t. Anywho, on top of all this, he’s drop-dead gorgeous! His eyes are the most beautiful shade of golden brown, and when the sun hits them, they twinkle like stars. He’s got the warmest smile that’s bound to make anyone’s day brighter. There’s just no one better than him, so cherish him and never take him for granted. Haydn is one in a trillion.
Girl 1: OMG, look guys! Here comes Haydn! He is so perfect, I wish I could be his gf.
Girl 2: Well you can't be his gf because Scarlett already has him, and we all know she's never letting him go.

Girl 1: You're right, Haydn and Scarlett are perfect together.
by MotherHen_LLJ November 23, 2021
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Who the fuck spells it his retarded name with no “E”

What the fuck
My friend Haydn has Ebola
by Punnani Slayer November 21, 2021
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Haydn is the nickname given to a failing ninja. However they still think they are as good as Chuck Norris, but they need to practice their roundhouse kicks. They often criticise other great ninja's and should learn to take a leaf out of Jackie Chan's book.
"I am the best ninja. You're a ninja n00b."
"Dude. Stop being such a Haydn."
by Sporky101 April 16, 2009
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Haydn is the boy of any girls dreams, constantly fought over by women he is a ladys man. He has strong beliefs and is a complex individual and will only reveal his true colours to those he feels completly comftable around and trusts. He's the one ever guy wants to be. A constant smile will apear on your face when your around a haydn. He's a popular individual who is able to talk to anybody with ease. He's hilarous and never fails to make anyone laugh he makes even the worst days bright. You can't help but fall for haydn.
Girl 1: I shagged justin bieber last night

Girl 2: I spent the night with haydn

Girl 1: I'm so jealous
by stinky ;) its lesbian ;) August 5, 2012
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