Scarlett is amazing, she can be shy and if she doesn't like someone there is something seriously wrong with them. She is pretty and extremely talented. Very athletic but also gets incredible grades in academics. She loves to sing especially when she is by herself although it's not the best sound when she talks she has the voice of an angel. People don't realize this but she is and can be the best friend in the world kind, thoughtful and trust worthy.
"wow that girl , Scarlett seems like she would be so kind thoughtful and amazing and she Is for sure beautiful!" -random person
by Randome person January 02, 2018
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Scarlett is the best friend, one could only ever dream of having but some are lucky enough to have her in their life. She’s the friend you want in your life until you die. The bestie who is more like a sister than a friend. The girl who may be shy but when she trusts you enough, she has the most kind, hilarious and unique personality. She will be by your side through the good, bad and the ugly. Remember once a Scarlett is in your life, don’t ever take advantage or mistreat the angle from heaven that she is
God, I’m so jealous of Charlotte to have a friend like Scarlett
by Poison_ivy December 04, 2018
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The most beautiful, stunning girl in the world to ever exist. She will make you weak at the knees, and make your heart skip a beat (A la Olly Murs). You will never get over her in a break up, and she is loyal caring friend with a heart of gold. She loves everyone and anyone. She is so stunning you will probably fall over if you see her, or even faint. You will definitely feel Scarlett Struck. Scarlett looks best in red, and when she does wear red, she gets all the boys because she looks so damn sexy. Wow, is the only word to describe Scarlett. Scarlett is the best person in the world and the most gorgeous. Don't even think about backstabbing Scarlett though, because she may bite ;)
Boy 1: Damn, have you seen Scarlett tonight?
Boy 2: No...
Boy 1: I thought so, otherwise you would have fainted by now.

That girl is the most beautiful girl in the world. She must be Scarlett.
by scarlettsssss September 10, 2011
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Scarlett is the the most sweetest person in the world.She can make anyone smile.Scarlett is a very sexy girl and any guy would fall for her in a split of a second.Scarletts best feature is her eyes they bring out the beauty in her.SCARLETT is hardest to get over in a breakup because she always could make someone smile during a bad day and she is just an amazing girl.She can take your breath away.Omg I Still Cant Belive how fucken sexy she is like dam gurl
by Omg its me bitch June 18, 2018
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Person 1: Who is that Scarlett girl?
Person 2: That 'Scarlett girl' is perfection. I love her.
by onedayiwillmarryscarlett May 29, 2013
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Scarlett is the most generous outgoing girl you will ever meet. Her self-asteem isn't the highest, but that girl is perfect in EVERY way! You can see her beauty on the inside and the outside. At times she may seem a bit crazy, but once you get to know her you'll never regret being her bff. If you want to date a Scarlett, you better treat her like gold, because she deserves nothing less. She will let people take advantage of her because she doesn't speak up for herself, and instead everyone else. Around people she may seem normal but trust me, she is far from that. If you ever meet a Scarlett, never let her go, because she is DA BOMB!
Boy 1: did you see that girl over there? she's so gorgeous !

Boy 2: that my gf scarlett

Boy 1: i need to find a scarlett
by Kardashianz March 20, 2018
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The color of a deep red is Scarlet.
Scarlett is a sexy beautiful girl who has all the confidence you would need, yet not enough to be hubris.

She sticks up for her friends and is loyal.

She is always smiling and giggly and has a great time.
You do not want to mess with Scarlett or her friends because she will fight and defend.

She can make friends with anyone. She hardly makes enemies.
I want to paint my room Scarlett.
I wish I had Scarlett's confidence.
I am so lucky to have Scarlett as a friend. She sticks up for me.
Every time I see Scarlett, she is smiling.
by OfCourseYouWantToKnow April 02, 2010
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