French for 'high' feminine is haute and masculine is haut. It does not have to be paired with the word Couture (meaning sewing) The 'H' is not pronounced. haute is pronounced like OAT.
It's one of those words really misused and misunderstood in English
It does NOT MEAN hot.
but when used with the word couture, meaning to sew, it means , High Fashion. Or sophisticatedly made clothing.
Haute montagne = high mountain, la haute Égypte= upper Egypt.
by goozbangi January 05, 2015
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1. To excel at being fabulous in every appropriately trend-setting way possible, adapting to the ebb and flow of social consciousness and the popular status quo, enhancing ones natural beauty in the process.

2. a barometer of sensuality and fashion.
"She looked kinda' haute in her myspace pic, but she turned out to be a psycho-hosebeast."
by they all have sharp knees February 27, 2005
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haut, the act of someone being more than just regular hot
Tyler Berkman is soooo haut
by suzanne2.0 April 19, 2020
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Haute means "high" in French. It is pronounced "hote", NOT "hot". It is used most commonly with the word "Couture" (pronounced catore) which means "fashion" in French. Thus, Haute Couture means High Fashion.

It does not, however, mean hawt, hot, sexy, whatever. People who use haute in place of those words are idiots who seriously need to read the REAL dictionary instead of
by Betty Harvard September 01, 2005
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Form of the word hawt
Attractive or cool
said with a german accent because idiots think that makes everything funnier
Those gunnysacks are haut
by Itsumo June 02, 2005
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The explaination (following the sounds you made) when you tried to cool off the scorching hot food you prematurely shoved into your mouth and couldn't spit out.
"LC, why are you making that face at the dinnner table?"
"Haaw, haaw, haut."
by Lauren Christiansen December 02, 2008
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