There two are definitions for montagne

1.) French for mountain

2.) The operator with the big ass shield in Rainbow 6: Siege
1.) Je grimperai cette montagne means I will climb this mountain in french

2.) A patch in Rainbow 6: Siege made Montagne nearly invincible to explosives.
by Supermegaultrabriskicedteacow January 15, 2017
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Usually a fucking god at rainbow six siege. But also can be the most retarded person in the attack team.
Person 1: look that montagne main just killed 4 enemies

Person 2: greatest player in history
by Bigbigchungus 0998 October 26, 2020
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Create a tab on your name, spend a lot of money in it and immediately start avoiding the place.
Did you notice it? He bought a lot of stuff and immediately started playing The Montagner.
by hikaru_shimura May 16, 2021
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