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A non-censored version of the word “sexy”, used in a rather jokingly or playful manner.
Hudson lookin’ smeggsy today”

Nah bro, George lookin’ as smeggsy as the Queen.”
by thomasisnotok May 3, 2021
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A word to design someone who thinks that they are sexy but they are not , they should have a big bootie AND BUY SNAKES TO THEM FRIENDS you can use it with it other synonym «oily » . AND THE MOST SMEGGSY PERSON IS OF COURSE JAYWHYPEE
Ex: BIBITALLIOT is very smeggsy

KAD: oh really

Ken: no, jaywhypapi is smeggsier
by The real Kanze West January 4, 2022
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A word used to replace sexy without getting censored (similar to seggsy). Smeggsy people are the types of people that play roblox, bum nans and are neeks.
Tyler: I have a gf
Robin: Are they very Smeggsy or nah?
by BigDongLen April 15, 2021
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