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Harsimran is a Sikh name and literally means "the name of god" "Hari Da Naam" Can be a man or Woman unnisex.
Guy: Oh look she/he is meditating on gods name
Other Guy: Thats Harsimran
by Waheguru January 03, 2012
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This is a Punjabi name, its root word is composed from Indo-European speaking cultures of Northern India. Indo-Iranian

Har-sim-ran simply means: Remember God. Because without God, there cannot be us. God and spirituality should always be closely associated with our humanity. God is our first teacher and everlasting father.

Its a cute name for an adorable little boy or girl. (Unisex)
Harsimran is a good student, he always finishes his work on time, and is very respectful to his teacher.
by Alex785 August 02, 2018
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