a person who doesn’t mind getting a little fucked up once in a while! Eh fuck that, a person who doesn’t mind getting a lotta fucked up all the time!!!!
“if their a party person, I prolly fuck wit them”
by Party8753 May 23, 2018
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A part person is a specific person is at a party,and staying up late and waking up early for more partying
"Damn that Kalyn is a party person she's waking up early tomorrow !!"
by Party person kalyn February 13, 2016
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to intoxicate one's self in the company of one's self.

syn. personal rager - an extreme version of a personal party.
personal 5-star - a personal party that leads to illness.
Larry: You look like hell. Where did you go last night?
Sam: My basement.
Larry: Personal Party?
Sam: You got it.
by Edina Bailey May 22, 2008
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When two friends are so bored that they do party-like activities with eachother and go around the neighborhood in costumes, pulling pranks on local residents.
Girl: I'm soo bored there's nothing to do!
Guy: Let's have a two person party!
Girl: I'll get my bear costume and some corn starch.
Guy: I'll watch you put on that costume.
by box-c August 5, 2013
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