The coolest Saudi Arabian girl you will ever meet. She is super chill, and she is way too funny! Everyone loves her.. and she is always a crowd favorite.
Naam is gangsta!
by naamlover March 11, 2010
Naam can mean ok, sure, yes, you can really just say Naam after someone says I love you Naam is a word you can make your own meaning
Naam I will go out to eat with you.
by Fabbrian April 5, 2018
Naam sayn = Know what I am saying?
Yo I fucked this bitch last night and we did some trippy shit naam sayn, that shit wasn't chocolate naam sayn.
by Oliver Herrström August 15, 2012
From Hindi, “I'll name my pet dog after you”.
Mildly insulting. Popularised by Indian actor Mithun Chakraborty in his 1989 movie Ilaaka.
Mithun to Villain: Tere naam ka kutta paalu saale.
by DevoKeDevMahadev March 16, 2022

Name ka meaning jaan ke kya kar lega jab teri life waise hi meaningless hai.Thodi fake taaref likh dete hai taaki tu stories par share kar sake and FOMO na ho.
Tera naam + generic adjective
by राम लिल्हा November 25, 2021