To go on about something in a positive and sharing manner.

The positive re-frame of old term usage.
See Harp On
1. "I can't stop harping on about how awesome that band was last night".

2. I can't wait to harp on about this cake everyone is going to love it".
by LadyLadyMcSunshine March 22, 2013
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To rag on. To make fun of. To get on someones case.
Joe "Billy you are an idiot I cant believe you did that"
Billy " Quit harping on me man"
by jbabz October 8, 2009
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An instrument that plays (posibly hauntingly)wonderful relaxing music.
by Butterfly_Fox October 13, 2006
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To talk or write about to an excessive and tedious degree; dwell on.
Okay, stop harping about it, I got the point the first fifty times you mentioned it.
by spm December 24, 2004
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A harp is a nickname for an irishman living in america
american said: oi you Harp
irishman chases the american and kills him
the end
by lewism April 16, 2007
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A beastly man with the biggest muscles anyone has ever seen. His beauty is unparalleled. But he steals bikes in his free time so beware.
Yo Harp's coming, hide the bikes!
by Thedodowhisperer April 5, 2020
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A cunning name for the vagina
The classy lady's way of referring to her downstairs
Would you like to strum my harp?
Come play with the harp.
by owenwilsonknight January 14, 2015
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