Javi was caught strumming in the bathroom with KickFag.
by Mario Rogic January 18, 2003
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1. The ability to get something with ease through the skilled use of charisma and persuasion.

2. Spontaneous utterance when something works out in your favor.
"I just strummed that girl's number"

"Dude hooked it up with free food"
by ha7un April 14, 2018
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A girl who leads a guy, but then rejects him.
Lila: why are you flirting with Matt, I think matt likes you
Carrie: I dont like him
Lila: you're a strum

Matt: i really like carrie

Jacob: Bro but she's a strumming you
Matt: o word?
by jerryhatessquallys January 6, 2014
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Something said when there's nothing else to say in a conversation. After guitarists strumming a tune when the singer stops.
Bill: strum
by Uncle Whippity January 9, 2004
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The dangly piece of skin that connects the ball-sack and the dong!!
ME-"Dude that girl last night was all over my strum!!"
FRIEND-"So she was a strum bandit?"
by bragdo May 14, 2008
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The female version of jacking off so hard

She’s so hot I want her to strum herself
Your mom : I love strumming mysel
by HOT hunky fat sex March 30, 2018
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