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To rag on. To make fun of. To get on someones case.
Joe "Billy you are an idiot I cant believe you did that"
Billy " Quit harping on me man"
by jbabz October 07, 2009
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(v) When a man or woman, usually a "player", goes after, or trys to have sexual intercourse with a large women or man only for pleasure.

(Orriginated from the word harpoon)
Harpoon- a spear for catching large fish or whales, to bring them in.
"Major haul!" Jamal yelled as he walked into the club. He was going Harping tonight.
by Emofish December 21, 2009
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When beautiful music comes from your genitals. A woman or man clutches your nut hair with her teeth and you strum the fully extended hair with your not yet erected weiner.
Will you two stop harping at the dinner table.

As I walked Tory home we heard harping in the distance. She then jerked me off with my own tears.
by Dan Rather January 26, 2007
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When it snows really hard. Term used by snowboarders.
Dude 1: Whoa, come look outside bro
Dude 2: Ahhh, its harping man! Lets go shred
by alemon19 November 11, 2008
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