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when your nipples largen and harden from sexual arousement
when mark licked Sarah's hard nipples they became even harder and harder.
by Zulfa December 04, 2018
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A nipple erection of the female body in while the nipple muscle gets hard due to being simulated by incredibily cold weather or sex.
While Sami was unconscious, Sami's dog gave Sami a hard nipple. Sami, thinking it's the girl of his dreams, enjoyed it.
by whats a hard nipple? June 07, 2009
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A frecnh teacher named ms. prammagoire that has some abnormally hard nipples 95% of class.
Hardnipples YES YES YES YES....
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When dudes get hard, their dick gets hard. When girls get hard, their nipples become hard.
Oh, daddy, you made so hard, hard nipples.. Damn..
by damarisguhi March 08, 2018
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