The Surname of kings or royals
omg, is that guy a haq????
by Umaga January 14, 2008
A short, nice looking guy with sleepy eyes and a cat person. He is an easy going person. Everyone can make friends with him. He knows how to attract people to be friends with him. He is the type of person that love to share and also a good listener. He so clingy with his loved one. However he doesn’t like to show off his relationship and prefer to make it private because he’s a low profile guy.
by mejakayu November 22, 2021

(1) A popular terminology used whilst chatting to express excessive laughter; specifically descriptive of the point where ones laughter leads to hacking/coughing ("haq"-ing) up a lunger on ones computer screen. (2) "LOL"^82685


To haq whilst chortling.
"Hahaha! Holy shit, that's the most hilarious thing I've heard in months! Haq!" ...BRB, I need to get a paper towel real quick."

"When you made those remarks about Chauncey's sister, I nearly haqed a marble sized lunger on my keyboard. That young woman refines 'loose' indeed."
by Thor Archimedes July 17, 2009
Non sequitur expressed in dismay at the failed attempts of another's mollycoddled work.
Av: I'll try a few things and see what works best
Gerrit: haq
by ADH May 31, 2005
OMFG joo r use teh haqs!!!
by Haxxor January 4, 2004
Is said when something goes wrong (even unexpectedly) and is a replacement for a swear phrase, though haq den is not vulgar nor a swear phrase. It is used to show dissappointment, anger, and frustration.
"why didn't you tell me you were going to the cinema, haq den!?"
"i can't do 1+1 haq den!"
by Matthew Galea March 26, 2008