(1) A popular terminology used whilst chatting to express excessive laughter; specifically descriptive of the point where ones laughter leads to hacking/coughing ("haq"-ing) up a lunger on ones computer screen. (2) "LOL"^82685


To haq whilst chortling.
"Hahaha! Holy shit, that's the most hilarious thing I've heard in months! Haq!" ...BRB, I need to get a paper towel real quick."

"When you made those remarks about Chauncey's sister, I nearly haqed a marble sized lunger on my keyboard. That young woman refines 'loose' indeed."
by Thor Archimedes July 17, 2009
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Non sequitur expressed in dismay at the failed attempts of another's mollycoddled work.
Av: I'll try a few things and see what works best
Gerrit: haq
by ADH May 30, 2005
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