(n) A name given to a person who is incredibly incredibly sexy and good looking. Also, is very short.
"He is such a Francois, I would blow him in a second!"
by LilFrank April 04, 2009
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Another word for Faggot. Used in the context of insulting.

A white boy who loves Big Black Cock.
There is always a Francois in a Nigerian club.
by PacMan999 February 28, 2016
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A male who works well with computers and generally fixes most things. A Mr. Fix A Lot per say.

Loves to collect bikes and most things with wheels.

Tall, dark and handsome and tends to enjoy medium length walks on the beach.
Person A: Who's that wizzing by on their bike?
Person B: Oh it's none other than THE Jean-Francois
by rockalady February 07, 2010
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An involuntary exclamation in two parts, used when the male genitalia is accidentally caught in a zip and then freed by unzipping.
Francois-Xavier -

*zip* FRANCOIS! / *unzip* xavier...
by bigkidkong February 06, 2010
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He's that dude that was the first black guy in David Dobrik's vlogs. He's also a very kindhearted soul. His #1 fan is Sarah Moss. He's a whole snack too.
"Woah dude that's Seth Francois!"

"Who's that?"
"He's in David Dobrik's vlogs, he's such a daddy!"
by Daddydobrikvlogs December 20, 2017
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When a man smothers his penis in nutella then places it in a baguette for his lover to chow down on.
Did you hear Gav gave Foxy the Dirty Francois, he totally loved it, too bad he's diabetic though.
by The Green Ranger February 27, 2014
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