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Gerrit is the coolest kid you will ever meet. They are usually amazing in looks and are pretty smart. They always have fantastic hair and has mad skills.
Wow, did you see him?
Who? Gerrit?
Of course, hes hard to miss
Trueeeeee. Hes a smexie beast
by coolkid33001 June 22, 2010
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The act of joining a group of people (in the street or at a party) and position yourself within the group in such a way that someone has to stare at your back and you thereby exclude this person from any conversation.

This act is mostly performed by potheads and slightly autistic- or socially inert people.
Dude! Go stand somewhere else you're totally gerritting me!

Look at that girl, she's totally gerritting the other guy. I guess she didn't like it that he couldn't hold his bart..

person 1: What did Kay say about it?
person 2: I dont know, I was unable to finish my story 'cause Florian totally gerritted me with his fat body and started telling Bart about his poop in the fridge..
person 1: Lame...
by barting fag with a huge jort October 27, 2010
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a person that lives in their room listening to asian techno music and playing WoW (World of Warcraft)
wow i havent seen you forever you are so gerrit lately
by T-Gordon September 23, 2007
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Yorkshire term for “get it”.

Used mostly by the common folk of Doncaster
“Pass us the switcher our Simon”
Frig off Jane”
“Sod off, al gerrit me friggin sen”
by F.E.C. June 15, 2019
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to drink too much and to pretend that you are much younger and smarter than you really are.
by alcholly October 26, 2008
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