Another term for the puffy eyes stoners get when they partake in the smoking of marijuana.

Can be mistaken for eyes affected by sleep deprivation.
"Hey, Jamal, you've got some sleepy eyes there. You been smoking?"

"Oh no, look at my sleepy eyes! My mom's going to know I'm high for sure!"
by happybrothersday March 19, 2009
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An anti-Semitic slur. used by Nazis on Jews during the holocaust, and recently was adopted by online trolls on /r/
round up the rest of the sleepy eyes and bring them to the basement!”
-Heinz Schuster, some nazi movie
by us.rebublic April 23, 2018
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An antisemitic slur to describe Jewish people's eye shape
When will Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd and @NBCNews start talking about the Obama SURVEILLANCE SCANDAL and stop with the Fake Trump/Russia story?
by Gordito Flaco April 24, 2018
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This term describes the look that certain girls give guys when they're interested in them. It looks like the girl is slightly squinting, and she's giving a tired, loving sort of look.
1. I knew I had a chance with this girl when she gave me the sluttish sleepy eyes.

2. Sluts always try to use the sluttish sleepy eyes to lure their prey.
by CowboyDebop August 8, 2011
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