Verb: Result of listening to and agreeing with AM radio talk show host Sean Hannity resulting in a conversion from Liberal to Conservative views.
It's a wonder Alan Colmes hasn't been Hannitized.
by DinsdalePiranha October 17, 2003
To be "deputized" as a listener to Sean Hannity. Usually the person is of a conservative mindset, leaning towards less government and more involvement of the private sector. It is a bit like when forming a posse, the local marshal would deputize civilians.
At the freedom concert Hannity called me up on stage to be Hannitized.
by TCW373 August 17, 2007
Convert to Sean Hannity's political way of thinking, to his specific type of political conservatism
Can I Hannitize you or is it meaningless?
by Sexydimma April 7, 2021
A portmanteau that is formed from the rhyming words lobotomized and hypnotized and which have related meanings. Def: a form of malevolent brainwashing that victimizes anyone who watches any Faux News host too long (the time until a lethal dosage is imbibed depends on the particular host and the IQ of the individual; for example the low-IQ individuals who support Trump, the so-called "base," comprising about 25% of the stupidest American TV-watching public) are usually goners within 5-minutes of exposure, especially if listening to the most toxic host of them all, "El Diablo" himself, Sean Hannity, the name-sake of this term.
I dozed-off on my girlfriend's parents' couch while waiting for her to get ready for our date. Their TV (as usual) was on Faux News. By the time my girlfriend awakened me (after only 10-minutes) I had been hannitized!
by Eppypotamus June 8, 2019
Rhymes with sanitized. A benevolent and enjoyable form of brainwashing resulting from watching Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel or listening on the radio.
Just listen to Sean Hannity on WFLL a few times and you'll be Hannitized.
by South Florida Radio Pages February 12, 2004
V. To Hannitize...
- Bringing around a change towards conservatism.

- to indoctrinate someon to the conservative way of thinking

To be Hannitized
We spent some time with our relatives and Hannitzed them. They are now voting Republican!
by Dashing Dasher December 25, 2004
(verb) To clean up a messy situation with a softball interview, typically conducted by Sean Hannity.
Palin got hannitized after she insighted violence. It happened to be an exclusive interview.
by Weigal January 16, 2011