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To remove the truth from a news story as commonly done by Fox "News" anchor Sean Hannity. Frequently, this results in unfair spinning of the truth in favor of the right wing media propoganda machine which is merely a puppet of George Bush and his neocon thugs.
If left unfettered, Sean Hannity will hannitize us all into mindless right-leaning robots.
by Neocon killer November 3, 2004
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When Sean Hannity scrubs and disinfects truth from current events so you can view them the way Fox "News" wants you to, liberated from facts or nuance or context and common sense, reports of these events are said to be “Hannitized for your Protection”.
I was watching the CNN report on the war in Libya and realized it had been Hannitized for your Protection.
by W.I. Tobedone June 18, 2011
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This is a midwest slang of "Hand it here" Some slang is mashed together to make one word. It means to give something to someone else.
If you gon be ashamed to swipe that EBT... hannit here!!!
by Prinadean June 26, 2020
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