Hannah is the type of girl that you never thought you would get but some how you’ll get the gorgeous woman and you know she’s the one you’ll never know how much you love her in till you get her you’ll go through some time to catch her falling from heaven but it’s amazing to have her
I love you Hannah
by Polloc333 March 17, 2019
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Hannah is a beautiful, intelligent, caring, strong, independent, and mindful girl with one of the best personalities. She has dark brown hair with dark blue eyes that will cause you to get lost in space. She always puts others before herself and doesn't carry her problems on her back. She has a mixture of like 50 different laughs that are all crazy and she can light up a room with just the simplest smile. She goes for guys that are caring, shy, timid, sweet, and that can put a smile on her face easily so any guy chosen by Hannah is one of the luckiest guys in the world and she will stay loyal to NO MATTER WHAT. Most people are intimidated by her blunt personality but the second you share one sentence with her will be the second you gain a new friend, and although it's VERY rare that she does not like someone, if she does not like you she will make it well known and not hide the fact from you. The last thing is that she hates fake people and will stick up for others no matter what the cost.
Girl 1: you see that new girl?

Girl 2: yeah I havent met her yet but she already seems like a Hannah!

Guy 1: I'm so lucky I'm dating her, she's the best thing that's ever happened to me!!!
Guy 2: ikr! It's so cool to see you this happy, now we just gotta find me a Hannah!
by Bonkganguknowwhatisayin March 20, 2018
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she’s the best person you could ever meet. she loves hunting and fishing. she’s a daredevil and will do whatever it takes to earn that name. she’s a beautiful kind girl who will help anyone who she sees along the way of her life. she can be stubborn at times but that doesn’t stop her from having the best time of her life. hannah’s get sad very easily. when you see a hannah or hear about one, don’t talk bad bad her. she’s the girl you never want to lose. all the boys are after her. she turns most of them down but when she meets the one never let her go.
dude 1: is that hannah?
dude 2: hell yeah isn’t she a hottie?
dude 3: bro chill that’s my girl back off or we’ll have problems.
dude 1: yeah chill

dude 2: *runs away.*
by hannah_3214 September 22, 2019
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a best friend. the nicest person you will ever meet. she’s so beautiful your jaw will drop. you can always trust her. you can talk to her about anything. she brightens your whole day, she’s like a moon she’s the light of the night. if you find a hannah your the luckiest person alive so don’t let her go, you will regret it.
jack: who is that beautiful girl over there?
lily: oh that’s hannah
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Hannah is the most beautiful girl she is caring loving Amazing always positive she loves talking to her close friends, she so Kind and caring she helps everyone in need and she’s overall a loving person her eyes are so sparkling you get lost in them
I need Hannah with me

I want a Hannah in my life
by Sufian -Suffy December 13, 2019
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A Hannah is typically the best girl you'll ever meet. She's the epitome of sweet and will never let you down or leave you alone.

She's sweet, nice, and will never hesitate to help you out if you're feeling lonely. She's the kind of girl that you don't realize you love until you're best friends. All in all, the perfect girl
The perfect match for a Simon.
1: woah did you see that girl shes so pretty
2: yeah she's a total Hannah
by Kinzuichi April 18, 2019
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The most beautiful girl in the world, who has class, fashion, yet is also sporty. No one can rival her in beauty, style, cuteness, friendliness, sweetness, kindness, generosity, and basically is an all-around fantastic person! Many other people are jealous of her awesomeness (Note: The people who dislike this definition.), and even her friends wish they could be like her. She is one of those rare kinds of girls who can go through a mud-slide, be thrown by a tornado, wade through a swamp, and come out looking like she just got done getting photos taken of her for the cover of the Vogue Magazine.
"That girl Hannah?? She is so beautiful! I wish I could learn how she looks so great all the time..."
by IndigoSquirrel February 26, 2012
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