As used in the Hawaiian Islands, "Hang Loose or "Shocka" is used as a non verbal expression; or greeting. To tell the receipiant, that every thing will be OK, Relax, Stop looking at me w/ that stern look on your face.
( Mostly Visual) With the three mid figures folded down. Extend the Thumb & Pinky finger out, and shake vigurously, about the radial axis of the wrist. If needed, Exclaim verbally "Check Ya' Later Dudes" as in the Movie's "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" or "The Exellent Adventures of Bill & Ted" Hang Loose & Mahalo, Aloha <)|||/
by Clint Reynolds July 01, 2006
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Hamana Kalili, the Shaka sign, Everything is loose, relaxed and alright.
Surfculture adopted it as greeting sign for relaxed, loose spirit and courage. Hang loose bro!
by Hamana Kalili January 14, 2019
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Stand by, and take it easy or relax while doing so. This term, or its near relation dangle loose, is a commonly-used southern Louisiana slang expression. Possibly opposite to uptight: both expressions alluding to positions of the testicles.
Weekends are important: time to hang loose and take stock of things.
by Duckbutt December 22, 2005
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No underware baggie pants pull way down now whats hanging loose!! (mexican definition NO!)
Man fake islander hang loose shootin the pipe, hang 10
Los Angles dudes know how hang loose.
#1 know how to walk! lean back hang loose and U say ho ho ho
#2 bump up bollywood hang loose horhounds snoopin dogs.
#3 grunt move slow & snort! Yo, dogs needs a push-up bras!
#4 Jangle UR chains & say cut chickly babe apb hang loose

No more fake to fake when U hanging loose! then hang loose
by itichie_nocanpo July 03, 2006
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On the verge of homeless, bankruptcy and/or death.
"How ya doing, Chauncy?"
"I'm hanging like a loose tooth. I got laid off, I'm two months behind on my rent, my wallet's empty, and my car was just repo'd."

Eddie and Eva caught swine flu. They're hanging like a loose tooth.
by lalalander17 July 20, 2009
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