Another word for Incel . Typically used as a response to a sexist joke against women. Wallets are men who are usually racist, sexist, privileged and think they’re superior. The word generated popular use from TikTok and is known on that platform.
by deepfriedyogurt April 27, 2020
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A man. Used in response to some men referring to women as “dishwashers”, etc. Based on the joke that a man’s only purpose is his money.
Guy: “The F in women stands for funny” “Get back in the kitchen
Girl: “Ffs why are wallets like this 🙄”
by BBQ crisps April 25, 2020
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girl 1: lmao, the wallets are MAD
girl 2: fr
by animeswhore April 25, 2020
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What a gold digger looks for, a sugar daddy. The bigger the better and richer.

Slang for rich person supporting their object of affection.
Yah... I know I'm just a wallet for my gold digging whore, but she's damn good in bed so I'll keep her around for now.
by Eddy August 18, 2007
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Used to describe men whose only quality is his money. Women call men wallets because his only use is to spend money on them.
Is this wallet speaking to me? Go pay for my shoes, wallet.
by Vic_ April 26, 2020
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Indicates who the more important girl is when a guy is cheating. If you're in the wallet, you are the girlfriend, fiancée, wife, more important girl. If you are NOT in the wallet, you are the sidepiece, goomar, the other woman, the less important woman.

Can be a physical picture in the wallet, but is mostly used as a reference to being in a someones heart/special place/thinking of someone seriously. You don't get told if you're in the wallet/out of the wallet by the guy, someone else tells you

A: That asshole was cheating on me

B: I don't think so. You're weren't even in the wallet


A: He's not really upset about the fact you caught him, you're not the one in the wallet
by kf, April 10, 2020
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